Vivekananda’s travelogue, titled ‘Bilatjatrir Patro’ (‘Letters from a Westward Traveller’), begins to appear from Issue 1 Volume 15. The title would be changed to ‘Paribrajak’ (‘The Wanderer’) from Issue 3. ‘Prachya o Pashchatya’ (‘The East and the West’) is published as a series over a course of two years, in Issue 2 and Issue 3. These books describe a new path for Bangla prose and establish themselves as immortal classics of the Bengali language.
Udbodhan shifts its office to 30 Bosepara Lane in Baghbazar for a brief period, from Agrahayan 1313 to Agrahayan 1315 (Bengali year). From Poush 1315 it would be housed at 1 Udbodhan Lane, where it has been ever since.